Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

Casting Call for Heroine Closed

I created a plot and premise for my story months ago, but needed to flesh this thing out into some identifiable parts for my writing persona-Gospel Diva. She can't write off the fly all Willy Nilly. So I made an Open Call for her to audition the large roster of heroines living in my head to become the main character for the first installment of Angel on The Back Pew Series.

As of now the working title is AverageJoeRegularGuySomeDude :) ...No...that's plain wrong, Dee. The title for now is Untitled:The One where Big O Dies. I'll deal with titles after the thing is complete. OK?

Many actors showed up to do a reading, but I found only one brave enough to voice her own opinion about the current state of this so called christian counter culture, raise a child on her own, step out of her mask to save her family, defend her with everything she has and refuses to admit that she is a prophet...

And her name is Angelina Crawford.

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